Fees & Rates

Fees & Rates

Hazmat items $35.00

10% The Link VAT( Different from Customs VAT

Package insurance 2% of invoice and $15 for TV’s

Delivery $8.50
Delivery to Boats (Outer Islands Customers) $15 and up.


We have 48 hours to have packages in Nassau (Monday – Friday)

Customers MUST pickup packages before 15 days. If not, storage fees will be added in the amount of $3 -$5 per day.

Items can only be stored in our warehouse (US location) for no longer than 2 weeks. After this time, storage fees will be added.

If delivery is requested on separate shipments, they are to be paid separately.

Once packages have left the store for delivery at your request, billing cannot be edited.

NO returns once packages leave the store or delivery vehicle.